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Summa S2 Series - New Improvements!

Boost your performance up to 40 % Time is money Even though the phrase "time is money" is almost as old as time itself, it still applies to small and big companies of today. We, at Summa, value your time ... Read More

SignLab 10 - Product Overview

SignLab v10. Setting the standard for sign making, large format graphics print and cut software The undisputed pioneer in specialized computerised design and production software products, CADlink Technology once again leads the way in new, easy to ... Read More

The differences between Drag Knife and Tangential Knife Technology in Summa Cutters.

Nowadays, information about cutting technology in cutting plotters is everywhere around us. It reaches us through professional trade magazines, brochures, social media or simply through word of mouth marketing. And perhaps a little bird might have told you about drag knife or tangential knife technology. But despite the overload on information from the above-mentioned channels, what exactly are these cutting ... Read More

HP Latex - Printing on Fabrics

Here is a great selection of videos on printing soft fabrics with your HP Latex. Below the videos are some products to try and some great general info about fabrics. There are 5 videos in the series... Printing On Fabric Part 1: Loading the Media Printing On Fabric Part 2: Fabric in the Loading Tool Printing On Fabric Part 3: Fabric Is Through ... Read More

Colour management in Onyx – Rendering Intents

Colour management in Onyx – Rendering Intent. Do you ever go beyond the custom or advanced button in Onyx and wonder why do I have my rendering intent set to perceptual before getting distracted and not going there again? What does the Rendering Intent even do?  Well basically there are different colour work spaces we can use and we often get ... Read More

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