HP Latex 260 & 280 Series Maintenance Supplies

Maintenance supplies for HP Latex 260/26500/280/26500 series printers.






HP 789/792 DJ PH Cleaning Waste Container

The PH Cleaning Waste Container is fitted at the back RHS beside the leg on the L26500/L28500. The Cleaning Container collects waste ink purged during PH maintenance cycles and should be replaced with every second PH Cleaning Kit. No alerts will be generated to replace this item.

HP Designjet L2x500 User Maintenance Kit

The User Maintenance Kit is the plastic pack of cleaning accessories delivered with each printer from new. It contains wipes, oil and the PH contact cleaning tool.

HP 792 Designjet Printhead Cleaning Cartridge

For L26500/L28500 printers only, the PH Cleaning Kit is the cartridge located on the Front RHS, behind the door below the control panel. The machine will alert the user when replacement is required.

HP 792 Designjet Ink Maintenance Kit

For L26500/L28500 printers only, the Ink Maintenance kit includes the hose that guides waste ink between the PH Cleaning Kit and Cleaning Container. The printer will alert the user when replacement is required.


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