HP Latex 300 & 500 Series Maintenance Supplies

Maintenance Supplies for HP Latex 300 and 500 series printers.







HP Latex 300/500 series User Maintenance Kit 

The User Maintenance Kit is the plastic pack of cleaning accessories delivered with each printer from new. It contains wipes, oil and the PH contact cleaning tool. 

HP 831 Latex 300/500 Series Maintenance Cartridge

For Latex 310/330/360 printers only, the Maintenance Cartridge is the cartridge located on the Front RHS, behind the door below the control panel. The machine will alert the user when replacement is required.

HP Latex 360/560/570 Ink Collector (10 pack)

For Latex 360 printer only, the ink collector strips are replaceable components to allow pritning of porous substrates like mesh and open textiles.

HP Latex 300/500 series Edge Holders

For Latex 310/330/360 printers only, These edge holders, which are also referred to as media clips, are designed to prevent the edges of the media from lifting up, while you are printing so you don’t get head strikes.

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