Avery 400 White Gloss Ultra Removable Vinyl

Avery 400 White Gloss Ultra Removable offers good layflatness and is suitable for a wide range of short term indoor and outdoor promotional decals where clean and easy removability is required. UV and Latex compatible only.

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  • Gloss white film for a wide variety of short term screen printed graphics
  • Very good printability and handling on screen presses
  • Gloss finish for superior appearance and vibrate colours
  • Good dimensional stability after application
  • Good outdoor durability and performance
  • Excellent conversion and application characteristics
  • Available with PE liner for exceptional layflat and multi-colour registration
  • Ultra removable with very low tack for easily installed and removed large window graphics


Avery Dennison 400 is a gloss white promotional vinyl film designed for use in a wide range of short term promotional screen printed graphics applications, where excellent adhesion, good outdoor durability and value for money is required.




  • Film: 90 micron gloss white monomeric calendered vinyl
  • Adhesive: Ultra Removable
  • Backing: Kraft: One side coated kraft paper, 128g/m2
  • Outdoor life**: Up to 2 years (unprinted)

Physical properties

Features                                          Test method                    Results

Caliper, facefilm                                  ISO 534                     90 micron

Grammage, facefilm                           ISO 536                     117 g/m2

Caliper, backing paper                        ISO 534                    132 micron

Grammage, backing paper                 ISO 536                    128 g/m2

Gloss                                                  ISO 2813, 20º               65 %

Shelf life                               Stored at 22° C/50-55 % RH    2 years

Durability2                                     Vertical exposure            2 years

Adhesives Permanent General-purpose emulsion acrylic adhesive with high initial adhesion on most common substrates.

Removable (3) General-purpose emulsion acrylic adhesive for applications where excellent removability4) after the intended period of use is required.

Ultra-Removable (3) Special purpose emulsion acrylic removable adhesive with extra low adhesion level to facilitate removal (4) of applied films from products in shops, point-of-sale ads etc.

Supertack Special permanent emulsion acrylic adhesive for apolar surfaces such as polyethylene, polypropylene: this adhesive may also perform better on slightly structured surfaces.

(3) Removability up to 1 year

(4) Not when applied to: Nitrocellulose paints, too fresh paints, ABS, Polystyrene, (fresh) screenprinting inks, certain types of PVC,



Avery 400 Datasheet

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