Avery MPI 3002 PP White Gloss Removable (Greyback)

Avery MPI 3002PP is a 90 micron white gloss monomeric calendered vinyl with a grey removable adhesive. Easy and clean removability with heat up to 1 year. Excellent value for money for indoor or short term outdoor promotional graphics.

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- Excellent printability and handling through wide format printers

- Good outdoor durability and performance

- High gloss finish for superior appearance

- Easy application to a wide variety of substrates

- Good dimensional stability after application

- Excellent value for money for short term promotional graphics

- Easy and clean removability with heat for up to 1 year

- Grey adhesive provides blockout performance


Avery Dennison MPI 3002 PP is a gloss white promotional vinyl film designed for use in a wide range of short term promotional and general signage applications where blockout performance, removability and value for money is required. 




Film: 90 micron gloss white monomeric calendered vinyl

Adhesive: Grey Removable Adhesive acrylic

Removability: Up to 1 year Removability

Backing: One side coated Kraft paper, 125g/m2

Outdoor life: Up to 3 years (unprinted)

Application surface: Flat Application surface with simple curves



 Avery MPI 3002 PP Datasheet

 Avery Printing Processing and Application of Interior Wall Graphics

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